High Asset Divorce

We have extensive experience investigating and litigating high-asset cases. Our vast knowledge of business, real estate, and tax laws help us identify issues and craft solutions. Our firm offers financial analysis when needed. Sometimes a “forensic accounting” of bank statements and tax returns is necessary to reveal hidden monetary assets.

High asset divorce cases are more complex and require more sophisticated lawyering than standard divorce cases. Knowing the value your personal business, retirement accounts, or even provide valuations of your land is critical. In addition to the emotional and financial uncertainty that divorce generally causes, it can also substantially disrupt years of carefully planned financial investment.

Having attorneys on your side with knowledge and experience to understand your interests is essential to protect yourself. When necessary, we will bring in independent expert witnesses or forensic accountants. Whether it is to value a personal business, to forecast a retirement account, or even provide valuations of land, using the right professionals to evaluate your marital estate is critical to obtaining the best results.

Our firm has over 70 years of combined experience in Family Law. Please contact Family Law Attorney  Steve Palmer to discuss your case.