Personal Injury and Professional Negligence

Personal Injury

Our accident lawyers offer a free consultation for personal injury and wrongful death matters. Get advice and support from an experienced and reputable law firm before you sign away your rights. Even better, contact us immediately after you are injured so we can advise you from the start.

When someone is seriously injured or killed from an accident, professional negligence, or a fall, insurance companies begin work to deny claims or manipulate the victim to agree to the lowest possible settlements. The insurance company has one of two goals:

  • To pressure an uninformed victim, already under financial and physical duress, to accept a settlement.
  • To delay resolution so the victim fails to file a claim on time.

Our firm is here to listen and problem-solve. Our attorneys will resolve your case in a fair and timely manner.

Motor Vehicle Accident

We represent clients with claims against distracted, inattentive and impaired drivers.

Motor vehicle accidents cause distress on many levels: victims may have experienced the loss of a loved one; they may have sustained brain, spinal injuries, and/or soft tissue and orthopedic injuries; they may be suffering from lingering aches and pains; and they may be struggling with diminished ability to work or enjoy personal and recreational activities.

Trust our firm to help you get your life back after a motor vehicle accident. We work with you, our client, to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Professional Negligence

Countless medical patients suffer death or serious personal injury each year as a tragic result of surgery mistakes, an incorrect or missed diagnosis, inadequate care, or medication error.

Professional negligence cases are often complex. Investigation by an experienced injury lawyer is imperative to ensure a just result.

Rely on our attorneys to guide you through this complicated process and achieve resolution.

Slip and Fall

Poor safety procedures, failed construction, negligence, and improper maintenance can cause slips, trips, and other falls that result in serious injury. The injured victim is often blamed for the accident.

Our firm provides the experience and knowledge to review the legal claims of the injured party. We investigate and represent clients in their insurance claims and in litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Contact John Bridges or Steve Palmer to discuss your claim.